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Escape the 1980s Review – SteelOwl – Philadelphia, PA


Escape the 1980s - SteelOwl

Escape the 1980s - SteelOwl











            What I Liked

            • Great Design + Concept
            • Big Space and Multiple Rooms
            • Decoration/Props/Clues Match Era
            • Well Designed/Creative Clues
            • Unique Clue Master

            What I Disliked

            The folks at SteelOwl gave us a chance to come enjoy the largest Escape Room in Philadelphia – Escape the 1980s! Videocassettes, over-dramatic acting in movies, and a whole lot of Nostalgia, can only sum up the things we experienced in this incredible and memorable Escape Room; things we never experienced in real life. This was one of the few times when we all completely agreed with the fact that this room was a favorite, and definitely in our TOP-5 MUST VISIT ESCAPE ROOMS. 

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            Date Reviewed: September 4th (Technically 5th at 12am), 2015

            Rating: G

            Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

            # of Players: 5 (out of 12 players)

            The Backstory We Heard:

            The location showed us a footage with a backstory but their website sums it all pretty well: “You’re stuck in a 1980s time warp.  Your group has 60 minutes to get through four rooms and find clues that will unlock doors, open padlocks, and hack into computer systems. Your goal is to get back to the future”.

            What We Liked – Explained:

            Where do we even begin… This room was FANTASTIC! There have been but a few rooms – less than 3 to be exact – that have made us go “Holy S@#%!”, and this room was definitely one of those.

            IMG_0892Even before the game started – even before we entered the room – the room/game began to draw us in; the outside and lobby had posters, furniture, paintings, toys. etc., that got us prepare for what we would experience next. We hadn’t even started, and we were already having a great time.

            Once the game began, we were given  visual instructions in a manner they would have back then – good ol’ videocassette tapes – by a very 1980s individual ( I won’t ruin the surprise). Then, the game began. Before even entering the room, we  had to figure out a clue to enter the game itself; this was was very unique and a first for us. After opening the door, we were hit  by the first  – very well designed room – of a location common in those days (Again we won’t ruin it for you, but lets just say that you can now do what you would have done at this location from your computer, tablet, phone, etc.). Clues began to appear, and the more they did, the more we were baffled by the creativity, thought, and just craziness (in a good way) that went into putting them together – you could see the work and passion of the owners.

            And then we moved between rooms; locations filled 11954743_465272533647304_7480558352052372_nwith movies and secrecy, and from T.V shows to toys – this location was big and filled with so much to see, figure out, and experience that we were constantly on our toes awaiting to see what the next location would bring as each new location was better than the last. It should be noted that this Escape Room wasn’t a simple “find a clue, solve it, go to the next thing”, but rather, it required us to be silly, participate in activities together, listen to the Clue Master (who gave us clues in unique and grooving ways), and try to be as much ’80s as we possibly could while finding nice perks along the way (Free beer, candy, and extra time); it simply made us not be so uptight but have fun.

            This Escape Room delivered better than we imagined.

            What We Disliked – Explained:

            IMG_0896We wouldn’t say we disliked this piece, but it’s something to keep in mind. The location has “Drunk Games” late at night where people can play the game…well… drunk. Now it wasn’t an issue for us but we’ve seen/heard of people doing Escape Rooms intoxicated, and they have gone horribly wrong for owners and costumers alike. It’s something we recommend to keep an eye out for as an intoxicated person may not always be careful and in control of their actions, thus it could be an issue. As of this writing, it hasn’t been an issue for SteelOwl.

            Is the Room Worth the Price?

            YES! AND MORE!… for some people 28$ may seem costly (use the code LOSTBOYS to get 10% off), but we have paid more in the past for Escape Rooms and we have not had as much fun as we did trying to Escape the 1980s. The room allows you to explore your inner Sherlock in an era that many of us did not live (some of us are grateful we didn’t…) but if you did, your memories will come to life. There are a few times that we can/will say with 100% confidence that you will not be disappointed… You Will Not Be Disappointed to try to Escape the 1980s. We can’t wait to see what this guys do next!


            Keep in Mind:

            Escape the 1980s is aimed at the mainstream crowd, so for you Escape Room pros out there, don’t expect to see complex and difficult clues; if you follow what they show you/tell you, you escape.

            – Unlike other Escape Rooms, at Escape the 1980sclues cost time, so ask for clues wisely.

            – Parking is on the streets. Depending on when you go, you may or may not have to pay for parking.

            – Depending on how you get there, some surrounding areas may look shady. However, this place is located in a safe and well populated neighborhood.

            – We always say it and we’ll say it again: Arrive on time! DON’T BE THAT GUY! A good rule of thumb is to arrive 15 minutes before your game (unless told otherwise).



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